If you were given two options of foods to snack on, a carrot or a chocolate, which chocolate would you choose?

Sugar is a common ingredient in diets among most cultures across the globe, however, it is also notorious for decaying & destroying teeth by causing cavities or more commonly…

Motherhood truly metamorphoses a woman’s life, not just emotionally but also physically. In those 9 months, you experience a surge of hormones that affects nearly all the parts of the body. Clearly, the mouth is no exception to this. During pregnancy, a variety of dental problems emerge which can be…

After weeks of living in quarantine, dentists are now getting ready to get back to work.

The Dental councils & associations across the globe have laid down multiple guidelines for dental practitioners.

We at The Dental HQ, have also been seeing only emergency cases, however, now we are fully equipped…

Did you know that the health of your oral cavity is an important indicator of your overall well being?

Maintenance of oral and general health are synergistic actions.

The oral cavity is the entry point to the respiratory & digestive tracts.

Certain oral health conditions that can impact your overall…

What is teeth sensitivity?

Every time you consume something hot or cold, a mild to sharp painful sensation arising within the teeth is known as teeth sensitivity. Although this sensation is temporary, its effects can be long lasting & detrimental to oral health.

Why do teeth become sensitive?

The outermost…

Dr Gareema

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